Pick a challenge to solve and submit your project.

01. Pluggable transport library module

  • Allow client and server applications to proxy with various pluggable transports, for use where packet flow is inspected and censored.

  •  Support obfs4 as PoC

  •  Ideally written in rust, but also easily integrate for sentinel nodes

  •  Important if blockchain network nodes become censored for a user

02. Tor process/config manager library module

  • Allow client and server applications to manage a dedicated tor process, spin up, spin down.

  • Handles configuration changes like ports, pluggable transports, hidden services

  • basic checking to verify that tor is working

  • written in rust

  • not much of this functionality exists in other codebases but would be nice to have a maintainable, pluggable library

03. Secure IP address/connection info commit/reveal scheme

  • Build a protocol that allows clients offering IP addresses to commit to revealing a "good" IP without revealing the IP until a secret is shared/payment is made

  • Must be resistant to attacks pre-generating hashes of ipv4 address space

  • Must prevent an attacker from obtaining IP without the client explicitly revealing it

04. Blockchain network proxies/pluggable transports

  • Build server infrastructure that allows clients to connect with blockchain nodes on different networks without their ISP/VPN knowing

  • Add proxy servers bridge traffic between users and various blockchain network nodes (bitcoin, eth, Monero etc)

  • The application should be as easy to run as possible to prevent centralization (avoid single master servers like Infura)

  • Point to be noted: it will require some discovery between the proxy servers for users

  • The application should integrate with a pluggable transport library to offer obfuscation on the connections instead of pure bridging

  • Minimize privacy leaks (tor only?) and security leaks (good validation)

05. IP health score" scheme

  • The application should determine the "health" of an IP at any given time

  • This score by nature is relative to the observer, as an IP may work perfectly fine in one country and not another

  • The score can be presented as absolute or relative based on user-provided details

  • By working with the commit-reveal scheme, may be possible to have some knowledge of the quality of an IP before paying for access

06. Metadata reduction

  • Explore complete flow from step 0 to the last step of using sentinel

  • Collect and document all possible metadata exposed at each step

  • Come up with ways to reduce as much metadata leakage as possible