Pick a challenge to solve and submit your project.

01. Financial products on top of our bandwidth market

  • An example of these products could be a stablecoin that is always redeemable for the same amount of bandwidth or various financial products to stabilize node revenue, cost of bandwidth a mechanism for nodes to enact revenue sharing within node federations etc…

  • Also, new creative proposals that can fit well on top of sentinel are well accepted

02. Multi-hop relay net with Wireguard

  • Allow to chain multiple Wireguard connections from different dVPN nodes. Right now Sentinel connects the user to one single node for greater privacy and security offering users to connect to relay nodes who put themself in between the user and the exit node is the next step in sentinel growth. 

  • Use grinternet and worm as inspiration https://keybase.pub/joltz/research/

  • The mechanism for knowing a dVPN node is unique and sharing rewards to it without the possibility of fraud. Sentinel needs to have a cosmos module that allows for direct incentivization of dVPN nodes without the possibility of fraud, our validator set can be leveraged to act as an oracle to check nodes uptimes.

  • https://kkohls.org/papers/verloc_usenix22.pdf